Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Graduate Admissions Policies - Non-Degree Seeking Status

Applicants for admission for non-degree status are required to submit a completed Graduate School Application Form and one official transcript of all previous academic credits from each of the colleges and universities attended. Permission of the graduate director over the course area is required before the special graduate status will be granted. Because students admitted to this status are not officially admitted to a degree program, they are not eligible for federal financial aid. Students wishing to become degree seeking must reapply through the appropriate admission office and meet all the admission requirement for a regular, degree-seeking student. Requirements and regulations prevailing for the semester of formal admission to a graduate program will govern the student’s program.

Students unable to submit an official transcript from each previous college or university attended have the first semester to submit the required documents if they submit the minimum requirements which follow:

  1. Graduate Student Application
  2. One official transcript* providing evidence of a bachelor degree awarded from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States or have acceptable proof of an equivalent degree from a foreign institution
  3. Any other materials required by the graduate department

    Students in this status must complete the admission process within the first semester by providing all official transcripts from every university attended along with any additional credentials specified by the graduate program director. If all the transcripts and specified credentials are not received by the end of the first semester, the student will not be allowed to continue.

Falsification of admission records by the student is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Each applicant will be notified officially of the results of their application by a letter from a Graduate Program Director. Official acceptance to the Graduate Program in a specific academic year is granted only by a Graduate Program Director.

* Official transcripts must be received by mail directly from a previous institution to CBU. CBU will also accept electronic transcripts via approved vendors. Faxed, hand delivered, or "Issued to Student" transcripts will not be accepted as official documents.