Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Obtaining a Second Master’s Degree at CBU

Any student interested in completing a second master’s degree at CBU can do so (at the discretion of the Program Director of the particular program) by taking an additional 20-26 graduate credit hours depending on program. Any student admitted into the Physician Assistant Program must take all courses to earn a MSPAS degree.

Program directors of each program will specify which additional courses must be taken to fulfill additional credit hour requirements. Admission policies and procedures are the same as those for any student applying to the program, except that an application fee is not required. The application service used by the Physician Assistant Program will require a fee. The Physician Assistant Program does not require a supplemental application or fee.

Grades for the courses being credited toward the second degree program will be used to calculated the GPA for both degrees. Students must have at least a 3.0 cumulative graduate grade point average for the required courses in each of the programs. Students seeking a second degree are subject to the policies and procedures of each degree program.

For those students seeking a second degree in the MED and MSEL programs, a minimum of 21 hours must be completed in the second degree program.