The School of Arts is the heart of the educational experience at Christian Brothers University. Through courses taken in the School of Arts, majors from all four Schools develop broad general knowledge in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. They develop skills in different forms of inquiry, abstract logical thinking, and critical analysis. Studies in the School of Arts provide an array of opportunities for students to enhance their abilities to think, read, write, and speak while cultivating historical, ethical, religious, literary, and social scientific consciousness.

In choosing a major within the School of Arts, students join a particular intellectual community of learners and take part in its special way of exploring the world and the self, thereby preparing for a wide variety of educational and professional choices. All School of Arts majors take a variety of courses from across departmental disciplines selected for the purpose of providing breadth, depth, and richness to their educational experience.

All of the courses needed to obtain a degree in each major are specified within the course requirement presentations that follow.


BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES which includes study in Psychology and Sociology as well as Anthropology and Criminal Justice. The department offers a BA degree in both Applied Behavioral Sciences, Applied Psychology and Psychology, an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and minors in Anthropology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Criminology, Engineering Psychology, Psychology, and Sociology;

EDUCATION which includes undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate programs leading to licensure by the Tennessee Department of Education at both elementary and secondary levels. In conjunction with academic departments in the School of Arts and in the School of Sciences, the Department of Education prepares undergraduate students earning BS or BA degrees in a number of areas to meet teacher licensure requirements (see page 59 for details);

VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS which includes studies in Art, Speech, and Theatre. The department offers a BFA in Visual Art with concentrations in Graphic Design, Studio Arts, and Art Therapy and minors in Art and Theatre Arts. Courses are offered under the following headings: Art, Speech, and Theater;

HISTORY & POLITICAL SCIENCE which offers majors in History, Political Science, and Politics and Law. Minors are offered in History, Political Science, American Studies, and Global Studies. The department also oversees CBU’s Pre-Law program and the Sustainability Studies minor.

LITERATURE & LANGUAGES which offers majors and minors in English, a major in English for Corporate Communications, a major in Creative Writing and minors in French and Spanish. The department also offers Certificate Programs in Professional Writing and in Spanish for Professionals; as well as minors in Humanities Computing and in Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Studies;

RELIGION & PHILOSOPHY which offers courses under the headings of Philosophy, and Religious Studies, and programs in Peace Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. The Religion & Philosophy major offers concentrations in Philosophy and Religion.

The course of studies for each of the degrees offered within the School is designed to provide the student with opportunities to choose courses outside of their major either from among the many courses provided by the School of Arts or from among those provided by the other Schools. A faculty advisor is assigned to each student to assist in selecting courses and in shaping the total academic experience.